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 C.Townsend's Application

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Christopher Townsend

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C.Townsend's Application Empty
PostSubject: C.Townsend's Application   C.Townsend's Application EmptySun Apr 17, 2016 7:58 pm

Department of the Navy
United States Marine Corps
First Battalion Nineth Marines
Recruitment Application
C.Townsend's Application 19_Patch

Personal Information
First Name:Christopher
Last Name: Townsend
Date of Birth: 1/21/1998
Steam Username: SRVGuitar16
Player ID:76561198099466556

Previous Military Records
Unit Name:
Reason of leaving:
Rank when Left:

MOS(Military Occupational Specialty)
Put an x in the box of the MOS(Military Occupational Specialty) if the ? means MOS is Closed

[]0331 Machine Gunner
[?]0341 Mortarman
[]0351 Infantry Assaultman
[?]0312 Riverine Assault Craft Crewman(AAV)
[?]0313 LAV Crewman
[]0621 RTO
[?]0800 Field Artillery
[]HM-8401 Corpsman
[?]1302 Combat Engineer
[?]1812 M1A1 Tank Crewman
[]7523 Pilot (Fixed Wing)
[]7513 Pilot (Rotory)
[]6173 Ch-53 Crew Chief
[]6174 Uh-1y Crew Chief
Miscellaneous Information
Why You Wish to Join: Vickers casually found me on a DayZ server making a fire, friendliest man alive. Great chemistry from the get-go. It would be an honor for it to be one of my first MilSim server/clans. Would love to try it out!
Can you Help Donate (Not Reqired But can if you want):
Additional Comments:
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Second Lieutenant
Second Lieutenant

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C.Townsend's Application Empty
PostSubject: Re: C.Townsend's Application   C.Townsend's Application EmptyMon Apr 18, 2016 12:24 am

Your application has been accepted. And Welcome to the 1/9

C.Townsend's Application Image
In Summary:
Step 1. Change your profile name (Rec.C.Townsend) and Teamspeak name (Rec.C.Townsend)
Step 2. Reply to this post that your are reporting for duty
Note: Please Read the maunal

Thank you and welcome to the unit, Recruit.

Respectfully Submitted,
2ndLt R.Forbes
Recruiting Office Personnel
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C.Townsend's Application
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